Workshop Programs
Workshop on Aesthetics of Information Ethics
The workshop is a reflection of the complexity of information ethics and how aesthetics can navigate the uncertain and unjust social conditions produced by information systems. The workshop examines liability of algorithms, responsibility in anonymous networks, exploitation of shared content and labor, censorship on social media, freedom of speech used to harass, public shaming to condemn, hacking to protest or leak, and micro-targeting for political campaigning. In order to inspire inquiry and policy making, the artist questions what can be justified and sacrificed to balance freedom, empathy, justice, and accountability.
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Workshop on The Art of Financial Hacking
The workshop will investigate how art can be a tool for financial hacks. The financial sector - when viewed from afar - can seem like a desolate, cold and brutal mix of relentless money-making, mathematics and Machiavellian mystery. Increasingly though, adventurous artists, hackers and activists are probing the contours of the sector, using it as raw material for fun and subversive financial hacks. You can build a hedge fund as a way to infiltrate into the inner workings of the sector, or you can design an algorithm that jams the traditional logic of markets.
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Workshop on Web Hacking for Open Big Data
The workshop Web Hacking for Open Big Data will introduce the basic philosophy behind transparency and open access activism and how to practically apply it through the use of smart hacks over web platforms. Case histories of ethical and legal issues will examine ownership, privacy, and the political use of big data. The workshop will seek to develop methodologies and techniques for exploring creative and unconventional uses of political data over the web. The workshop's practical session will introduce simple software, coding, techniques and tricks that can be used to extract data from web servers through robots on clusters of machines with perpetual subroutines.
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Workshop on Web Hacking techniques
The Web is ultimately the Internet's interface, providing easy access to an immense world of data, social relations and services. However, the Web is a complex multi-layering of languages and rules; it relies on a wide range of technologies. The workshop seeks to develop techniques to explore creative and unconventional uses of hacks of web interfaces and general websites.
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Workshop on Tactical Transmedia Fictions
The workshop will focus on how Transmedia storytelling can be used for educational and political goals, for engaging people in social change and raising awareness about real world problems, or even for psychotherapy. The workshop will explore a theoretical framework that includes a wide presentation of theories and practices that range from the history of experimental theater to recent forms of participatory Transmedia. Analyzing previous practices will help build an understanding of historic innovations in storytelling via the internet and other digital technologies, as well as the development of the use of new media in theater and cinema. The workshop will introduce exemplary productions in Transmedia and the main international opportunities to present, raise funds and learn more about new developments of the field.
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Workshop on Guerrilla Communication
This workshop will analyze some of the most recent and radical theories of media and communication. The aim of the workshop is to create warriors and devices of media-seduction, experts of effective campaigns and alternative reality makers. The students will become familiar with the weapons of radical biz; shock marketing, agit-prop strategies, pandemic viral campaigns, psychological manipulations, and fabricated hate and desires. The practical section will lead students to realize enhanced unconventional campaigns through exploring innovative techniques. The course would be useful for anyone who wants to improve their ability to influence people for specific purposes through developing smart, strategic languages designed for particular media tools.
[More about the workshop here]

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