(W)orld Currency
2014 - Digital prints, document A4 and 100x100cm.

This artwork outlines a global currency through the creative formulation of an equation and trading algorithm. In (W)orld Currency, Cirio conceived a mathematical equation and an algorithmic trading flowchart for creating a complementary currency. These two components indicate how the value of the currency is calculated and how its liquidity is maintained stable. The artwork addresses the inherent instability of both digital and national currencies by examining algorithmic trading and the political economy of the currency exchange market. It aims to introduce instruments to mitigate exposure from financial speculations and geopolitical forces, pointing at the need for an independent global reserve currency that could potentially empower and unite the world population. With this work, Cirio addressed global economics and the volatility of digital currencies before they later became assimilated by financial institutions. The creation of the financial instrument functions as a form of conceptual art with equations and algorithms, pushing the boundaries of artistic conventions. By addressing the potentials for financial fairness, the artwork applies studies in economics to the very means producing contemporary sociopolitical conditions. In the installation, the conceptual artwork is displayed through a large print of the flowchart of the algorithm for the currency trading, as well as a framed print with the equation explaining the mathematical and algorithmic model.

Selected pictures of installations at the following shows
Victoria and Albert Museum, London; LEAP, Berlin; HDLU, Zagreb.

Selected shows and presentations
Currency, exhibition at NOME Gallery, 2019, Berlin - Germany
Systems of Systems, exhibition at Giorgio Persano Gallery, 2019, Turin - Italy
P.I.G.S., exhibition at Artium Museum, Basque MCoCA, 2016, Vitoria-Gasteiz - Spain
P.I.G.S., exhibition at Galeria Municipal do Porto Almeida Garrett, 2016, Porto - Portugal
nEUROsis, exhibition at NeMe Arts Centre, 2016, Limassol - Cyprus
PC4Yonkers, exhibition at Purchase College School of Art+Design, 2016, NY - U.S.
LDF Digital Design Festival, exhibition at Victoria and Albert Museum, 2014, London - UK
Synthetisch Vernünftig,
exhibition at LEAP, 2014, Berlin - Germany
In Search of Symmetry
, exhibition at HDLU, 2014, Zagreb - Croatia

Installation at Synthetisch Vernünftig, at LEAP, Berlin. 2014

Installation at In Search of Symmetry, at HDLU, Zagreb, Croatia. 2014

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