The Big Plot
2009. Mixed media, dimensions variable

This is a romantic-spy story rendered into the genre of Recombinant Fiction. Four characters told a fiction using dialogues shown on several media channels. The cloned identity of a real spy was used to portray a story about the political and sentimental weakness of our era characterised by a dysfunctional sociality being created by social media communications. Actions in public environments completed the set of stages upon which the story was acted and audiences had an active role by unfolding and creating other pieces of fiction. The drama deconstructed language and symbolism of ideologies by remixing characters' lives and identities with real-world patterns.

Selected pictures of installations at the following shows
.Move Festival Halle, Germany, 2009Cairo Prize Milan, Italy, 2009.

Video playlist

Selected shows and presentations
IMAC 2011, Re-New,
lecture, Copenhagen - Denmark

Mobile Learning Conference, lecture, Bremen - Germany
Hacking Public Space, Flashback, Microwave Festival,
Hong Kong
STRP Festival, Eindhoven - Netherlands

Hacking Public Space, Flashback section, S.M.A.K. and Vooruit, Gent - Belgium

Art Project 2°, Viareggio - Italy
Map Digital Space, Ithaca - U.S.
4th Contemporary Art Festival TINA B, Prague - Czech Republic
10th Cairo Prize, Milan - Italy
"Da Festival" at the National Academy of Art, Sofia
Espacio Enter Festival, Tenerife - Spain
.move, EMARE exhibition, Halle - Germany
Share Festival, Turin - Italy
ENTER, 4th international festival, Prague - Czech Republic
FAD Festival, Belo Horizonte - Brazil
Moves09 Forum,
CornerHouse, Manchester - UK
SocialEast Seminar on Art and Espionage,
Courtauld Institute, London, UK
Tag ties and affective spies
, National Museum of Contemporary Art, Athens - Greece

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Selected pictures of the installation of The Big Plot in Milan at the Cairo Prize, 2009.

Selected pictures of the installation of The Big Plot in Halle at the .Move Festival, 2009.

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