Open Society Structures - Algorithms Triptych
2009. Serigraph print on two layers of plexiglas, bolts. 54x39cm each

This triptych of flowcharts introduced the idea of algorithm thinking applied to social progress. In Open Society Structures, Cirio drew three flowcharts including a taxonomy of cultural, economic, and political conceptions outlining the flow of principles for an ideal society. This conceptual framework explored the shaping of the three main social structures of culture, politics, and economy, bringing together egalitarian values, collaborative perspectives, and edifying propositions. In this artwork the problem-solving attitude of the ethical hacker ethos was applied to social constructivism. These diagrams introduced the idea of organizing society like designing algorithms for operation systems and software. This work exemplified the artist’s proactive and progressive outlook, laying the foundation for the body of work Cirio would later develop throughout his career. Social theory, conceptual art, and unconventional visual strategies were integrated in this work. By analyzing social formations and ordering social principles, Cirio outlined economic, political, and cultural systems as a creative process which can contribute to the improvements of societal organization. The artworks composing the Open Society Structures triptych are made with digital graphics screen printed on panels of plexiglass. The two mounted layers of glossy black and the clear plexiglass simulate blackboards with process thinking drawings.

Selected pictures of the installations
Galerija Galženica, Zagreb, 2011; Aksioma Institute for Contemporary Art, Ljubljana, 2011
Cairo Prize, Milan, 2009; Limited edition copies, 2009; Animation S[Edition], Online, 2013

Selected shows and presentations
Systems of Systems, exhibition at Giorgio Persano Gallery, 2019, Turin - Italy
(H)AKT Festival, exhibition at Ugly Duck, 2018, London - UK
User Friendly Society, exhibition at Galerija Galženica, 2011, Velika Gorica - Croatia
REALITYFLOWHACKED, Solo show at Aksioma Project Space, 2011, Ljubljana - Slovenia
10th Cairo Prize, exhibition at Palazzo della Permanente, 2009, Milan - Italy
Share Festival, exhibition at Accademia Albertina, 2009, Turin - Italy

Selected pictures of the installation of the Open Society Structures triptych

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