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The go-getter group vis-a-vis the NATO web sight DDoS attack execution(2002.6.7)

* Summary:
Organization of the name, Stop the NATO, making use of the Macromedia Flash tool of the single thread, NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) main web sight http: The distributed service denial attack for // (DDoS) it set up." Netstrike Against NATO (the net attack to NATO)"with formality start of the particular attack which is named is in the midst of holding at the Roman suburban Pratica di Mare air base of Italy, same May 28th as NATO summit time is done similarly. The same meeting is the important meeting which makes, the new age cooperative related to NATO and Russia start which are the hostile country in cold war age.

Furthermore, in 22:00 GMT May 28th access was possible completely in the NATO web sight. IDEFENSE U.S. Information Agency downloads the Flash tool and the people who participated in attack think that it is very little for the present, but there is also a possibility circumstance changing suddenly. Furthermore, as for the same tool because it is the single thread, in order for this attack to obtain effect, it is necessary for the participant of the multitude to participate in Netstrike Against NATO campaign.

The Flash tool is the simple single thread which the web request generator the loop is done. When the cyber go-getter group utilizes this Flash tool, it probably is possible to pull up the web sight of NATO and the traffic level of Internet below it is related to that, but the possibility of making the sight crash really, causing service denial attack probably will be low. Furthermore, the web sight http: of NATO // NETSCAPE - works Enterprise/3.6 SP1 on Solaris OS.

According to the same group, Stop the NATO is online organization of the non profit which becomes independent, is the group which unfolds intense criticism vis-a-vis NATO. The same group calls as sent link, comment, message and the article to the same web sight vis-a-vis the go-getter of world nations. In addition, as for the web sight, the cyber go-getter in order for multimedia video and to be produced to share the audiophile, it is designed. Stop the NATO you make base Italy, domain name register officially on 2001 October 27th. The various articles and other counter NATO information it offers the same sight, in 14 national languages which include Russian, Turkish and the Serbia Croatian.

NATO is the defense of territory alliance which starts on the basis of the north Pacific Ocean treaty which it concludes on 1949 April 4th. Participation country when starting the United States, Canada, Belgium, Denmark, France, England, Italy and Iceland, Luxemburg, was Holland, Norway and Portugal. Presently, it consists of ally of 19 where Hungary, Poland, and Czechoslovakia are adjusted. In addition, there is a possibility also Russia joining to the ally list promptly from recent developmental circumstance. Furthermore, as for the NATO headquarters there is the Belgian Brussels. The purpose of NATO using group defensive right, is to raise ally the stability of the whole.

* Information source:
IDEFENSE Intelligence Operations and May 28, 2002
Stop The NATO ( http: // ) May 28, 2002
NATO ( http: // ) May 28, 2002

* Analysis:
(The iDEFENSE United States) point of the net strike for NATO the NATO sight is to make access impossible. Being more complicated, until it can utilize the tool which has the effect, the above-mentioned tool in the future it probably will continue the go-getter, to use several months. In addition, May 28th 16:00GMT presently, only 49 cases which pass it records the hit number of cases of the web sight which direct is done, to the place of the Flash tool. Depending, this activity, as for giving the kind of effect discernibly vis-a-vis the main web sight of NATO, still opportunity is quick, there is an arm. The above-mentioned sort, as for the main web sight of NATO http: There was //, access was possible 2002 May 28th 22:00GMT presently.

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