2019. Acrylic on engraved mirror glass.

This series of flowcharts outlines Cirio’s theory of Internet semiotics about the formation of social meaning online. The artist’s concept is expressed through the diagrammatic language, along with a written essay that explains the theory resembled in the visual artworks. Cirio’s social semiotics introduces paradigms on how humans adapt to the conditions of the Internet. It encapsulates semiotics itself in a work of art about the production, reception, and alteration of the flow of information forming meaning within networks. The artwork delves into the cognitive, sociological, and psychological aspects of the modern construction of social meaning, exploring both an anthropology and a philosophy of the Internet. The use of mirrors and the multidimensional elements of the physical artworks allow for an open-ended reading, compelling viewers into self-reflection on the significance of the Internet in their lives and society. A limited-edition of the artwork Meaning is made of custom-made mirror slabs that are painted, cut, and engraved. The multilayered compositions create depth and optical movements. The three pieces can be shown as a triptych or as individual works titled Context, Subjectivity, and Collectivity.

Selected shows and presentations history
Information Critique, exhibition at Museum PAN Palazzo delle Arti Napoli, 2020, Naples - Italy
Meaning, Context, exhibition at Arte Fiera, booth Persano Gallery, 2020, Bologna - Italy
Systems of Systems, exhibition at Giorgio Persano Gallery, 2019, Turin - Italy
Meaning, Context, exhibition at Artissima Art Fair, 2019, Turin - Italy
Meaning, exhibition at Cosmoscow Art Fair, 2019, Moscow - Russia

Installation of the artwork Meaning

Meaning formation in the context.

Meaning formation in the collectivity.

Meaning formation in the subjectivity.

Details of the artwork Meaning at Giorgio Persano Gallery.

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