Extinction Claims
2021. Digital prints and online platform.

» Website: Extinction-Claims.com

Press material
- Press Release, 15st October 2021
- Press Kit with high-res pictures

- Recap text by the artist. 2021

The Extinction Claims peoject is a co-production between Baltan Laboratories in Eindhoven and MediaMatic in Amsterdam.

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- Extinction Claims artist's text, 2021
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- Regulatory Art artist's text, 2019

In this artwork, thousands of vulnerable and endangered species facing extinction become plaintiffs claiming financial reparation from major oil, gas, and coal companies. Cirio aggregated data and images of species and ecosystems vulnerable to climate change, then coded an algorithm to calculate a financial compensation. The results are published on the online platform Extinction-Claims.com, where the public can claim economic reparation from major fossil fuel companies on behalf of the endangered species. The Extinction Claims platform generates simplified legal claims and petitions for each species that can be submitted to government agencies and used for lawsuits against major polluters. The project aims to make critical information about endangered species more accessible, while illustrating the massive scale of the crisis and holding the Carbon Majors accountable. Cirio’s artwork includes an immersive installation composed of hundreds of images of the endangered species, as well as public distribution of printed materials that provide data regarding the emissions of the respective fossil fuel companies.

Selected shows and presentations history
Mario Merz Prize IV, exhibition at Fondazione Merz, 2022, Turin - Italy
Dutch Design Week, exhibition at Baltan Laboratories, 2021, Eindhoven - Netherlands
Natural Sovereignty, solo show at Saint James' Charterhouse, 2021, Capri - Italy

Selected photos of the installation at Fondazione Merz, 2022

Selected photos of the installation for Dutch Design Week, 2021

Installation of the artwork Climate Species Plaintiffs at show Natural Sovereignty, Capri - Italy, 2021

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