Climate Class Action
2023. Digital, data and websites
In the Climate Class Action, major fossil fuel companies are accused of causing personal damages resulting from floods, droughts, wildfires, hurricanes, heat waves, coastal erosion, and other consequences of climate breakdown. Cirio created the website to advocate for class action suits against major fossil fuel firms. His platform empowers individuals to estimate financial compensation for personal climate damage and strives to foster a community of people affected by the climate crisis. For this project, Cirio assembled a list of accusations and historical evidence against the fossil fuel firms. The online campaign informs citizens on their right to receive compensation for climate disasters and encourages dialogue within the realms of climate litigation and climate justice. For the FloodNet residency, Cirio varied the idea of the class action by creating the project Flooding NYC Claims. This initiative simulates compensation claims for New Yorkers, utilizing flooding data computed with emissions figures from fossil fuel companies. These projects integrate attribution science, climate change litigations, and global climate treaties studied by Cirio for his series Climate Tribunal.

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Selected shows and presentations
Climate Mismatch, solo show at Sale Docks Magazzini del Sale, 2023, Venice - Italy
FloodNet Residence, commission at the NYU Tandon University, 2023, New York - U.S.
Climate Aesthetics, residency at Strasbourg University, Lethica, 2023, Strasbourg - France
City Climate, award at CityScienceLab at HafenCity University, 2022, Hamburg - Germany

Flags of the Climate Class Action website

Screenshots the Climate Class Action website

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