Recent Works

Highlighted Works

Alps Glaciers Memorial  Inkjet print on aluminium - 2023

A sculpture with thousands of names of glaciers in the Alps that are disappearing due to global warming.

Extinction Claims  Black and white digital prints on paper - 2021

Data on forty thousand vulnerable species to claim financial reparation from major fossil fuel firms.

Climate Culpable  24 flags, prints on fabric and oil - 2021

Flags featuring the logos of the 24 major fossil fuel firms responsible for over 50% of total global emissions.

Climate Tribunal  Prints on canvas, paper, and fabric with watercolor and acrylics - 2021

An international tribunal of climate crimes to accuse the major 100 fossil fuel firms with data, graphs, and imagery.

Capture  C-prints and inkjet prints. - 2020

Four thousand French police officers profiled with Facial Recognition to ban its use in all Europe.

Derivatives  Inkjet prints on canvas - 2020

Over a hundred thousand appropriated art auctions records to subvert the art market secrecy and speculation.

Attention  Digital prints on glass - 2019

Appropriated photos from Instagram influencers that conceal the advertising of controversial products.

Foundations  Digital prints on clear film - 2019

Reflection on the aesthetics and history of conceptual art concerning social complexity.

Meaning  Acrylic on engraved mirror glass - 2019

A theory of Internet semiotics about the formation of social meaning online.

Sociality  Digital prints and mixed media - 2018

Over twenty thousand appropriated patents to expose and regulate technology enabling social manipulation.

Obscurity  Archival inkjet prints and mixed media - 2016

Over ten million appropriated mug-shots and criminal records obfuscated for a social experiment and an Internet privacy policy.

Overexposed - HD Stencils  Acrylic spray paint on paper, canvas, and photo paper - 2015

Appropriated social media photos of U.S. intelligence officials posted to public walls.

Daily Paywall Newsprints and plastic newsrack, dimensions variable - 2014

Appropriated Pay-per-view articles from major financial newspapers were redistributed with a paid-to-read schema.

Global Direct Mixed Media. 2014

Outlining the idea of worldwide democracy through a creative political philosophy.

World Currency Two digital prints. 2014

Creating an equation and a trading algorithm for a global currency.

Loophole for All Two video channels and digital prints, US letter size. 2013

Corporate identity theft of over 200.000 Cayman Islands companies to democratize legal and tax corporate shields.

Persecuting US Mixed media and Audio installation, 2000 hour long track. 2012

One million appropriated Twitter users profiled by political affiliations during the U.S. presidential election.

Street Ghosts Inkjet print on coated paper. 2012

Appropriated photos of people from Google Street View printed and posted at the exact spots where they were taken.

Face to Facebook - Hacking Monopolism Trilogy Mixed media. 2011

One million appropriated Facebook users profiled by facial expressions for a dating website.

Open Society Structures - Algorithms Triptych Serigraph print on Plexiglass. 2009

Ideal social structures and values drew through a triptych of algorithms.

Selected Works

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