This Art - Artwork - 2010.

Instructions for curators, gallerists, critics, collectors, dealers and artists too:
Get two sheets of paper, on one sheet write "this is art", on the other one write "this is not art". Then sign with your own signature both sheets, frame and attach them to a wall.

- Form my idea in to art, create my art and add value to my art. Do that yourself. Take your own responsibility with my instructions. Make it art -

How to define a "work of art".
This is an attempt to destroy what is not art by its affirmation and abnegation, a process which negates the entities that bring into existence the artist, and the work of art itself.

- Authorship.
Who is the author of the artwork?

It is not the original sense of a paternity on the part of the artist, but a specific usage or denotation by respectful or sacred individuals or structures which enable the artwork to be considered as art. Therefore the real author of the artwork is not the producer, but the one who originally defines and enables its production.

- Materiality.
Who creates the artwork?

Artworks are frequently produced and assembled by somebody other than the artist, using objects already made and easily reproducible in large numbers. The artist often neither touches or sees the artwork and may never meet the person who manages and owns it. The materiality of a work of art is symbolically used to represent it, but is utterly useless for its essence.

- Value.
What makes the artwork worthy?

The state of being of the artwork is dictated by the market that creates value, which is based not on parameters of cultural growth, innovation or quality of content. The value of the artwork, in terms of price and success, is created by a set of factors, which are not determined by the artist and the artwork itself, but by the influence of who represents, curates or owns the work of art.


Inspiring publications:
"Financialization of Art" by Mark C. Taylor, Columbia University
"Art price and value" catalogue exhibition by Piroshka Dossi and Franziska Nori.
"The Great Contemporary Art Bubble" film by Ben Lewis
"A Crime Against Art" film by Hila Peleg
"The Value of Nothing" by Caleb Larsen
“The Price of Everything...Perspectives on the art market” by Martin Braathen
"High Price: Art Between the Market and Celebrity Culture" by Isabelle Graw
“On (Surplus) Value in Art” by Dietrich Dietrichson
"The Auction is the Action" by Barbara Rose
"A Certain Lack of Coherence" by Jimmie Durham.
"The Accident of Art" by Paul Virilio
"The Conspiracy of Art" by Jean Baudrillard
“What is Critique?” by Michel Foucault

"Discorso sull'orrore dell'arte" by Baj Enrico
"Il trucco dell'avanguardia" by Flaminio Gualdoni
"L'arte e la sua ombra" by Mario Perniola
"Arte e Consumo" by Fabrizio Sebastian Caleffi
"Contro l'arte e gli artisti" by Gimpel Jean
"La funzione sociale dell'arte e la follia" by Simonetti Gianni-Emilio.
"Fatticità dell'arte" by Luigi Bonotto, Roberto Melchiori, Tiziano Santi.
"Dimenticare l'arte" by Mario Costa.
"Sulla finalità dell'arte" by Paolo Mazzana.
"Il teatro della morte" by Tadeusz Kantor.

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