Paolo Cirio. Artist's statement. 2012.
My work investigates informational power over contemporary society.

I'm particularly interested in how specific arrangements of information influence the creation and perception of political, cultural and economic reality, as well as personal emotional states, interpersonal relationships and instinctive human behavior.

Through cognitive, sociological and political approaches, my work looks at the contemporary transformations brought about by new trends in communication and media.

The profusion of media and the enormous consumption and production of information nowadays is the exciting field where my artistic creations address the mediated reality of specific audiences.

I create works of art as attractive devices to engage broad audiences in reflections on the power of information and media. I do this by seeing art as a means to grab attention and to inform critically, invent utopias and provoke subversive acts through visual and emotional sensational impact.

I like to work with modern devices for the fabrication of realities like advertising strategies, political spin, entertainment, economic and legal languages, which, I believe, purposely structure information to build specific societal organizations, belief systems and social trends. In my works I create, orchestrate and illustrate the processes by which the structuring flows of information create those social realties.

Artistically, the manipulation of flows of information can be seen as a contemporary revisiting of art forms like sculpture, drawing and performance with the modern material of the everyday, i.e. the information that flows through media.

Researching the power of information means working on the deficiencies and potentials of society to achieve social improvements. My work provides an understanding and a set of tools for strengthening contemporary democracies. Through researching methodologies for manipulating information, my art becomes an active agent, able to influence its subject by employing creative reconfigurations of the power of information.

In conclusion, through manipulation of media, information and communication, my work aspires to educate, inform, investigate, organize and influence contemporary society.

This process of working beyond canonical art forms helps my ideas develop within a broad framework that joins art with life, and often engages a contact and dialogue with people beyond the art context while furthering the contemporary art discourse.

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