Paolo Cirio. Artist's statement. 2010.
My aim is to use information as a malleable material for creating stimulating structures.

I will explore information as a magmatic material that can be shaped. I will sculpt information flow by fabricating narratives, processing data and contextualizing contents. I will create unusual sculptural structures of information, in which the complex layers of the media are composed organically, in order to discourse critically and reveal unexpected forms.

Through researching methodologies for manipulating information, my artwork will become active agents, able to influence the depicted subject. This by employing unusual reconfigurations of the power of information. I intend to discuss the information's power by investigating content, distribution and modes of media.

Nowadays, data fluxes regulate the organization of humanity and its relationship with physical reality. In the Information Age, media can be seen as instrumental to the ordering of the world. Seeing control over the design of information as a prominent cause and cure for most human plights, media unavoidably become the urgent concern of my artistic research.

Taking a provocative and edifying approach, I will extend my research beyond a single media and focus on the informational environment created by data flows. Languages and devices employed by the media enter my research as strategies and tactics to explore how the arrangement of information create realities and narratives that design societies and human beings.

In conclusion, through manipulation of media, information and communication, my work aspires to educate, inform, investigate, organize and influence contemporary society. This critical approach often breaks the boundaries of representation and questions: what art is, how it should be and what it is needed for - matters that will further the contemporary art discourse.

He is a tactical media artist. He hacks and orchestrates media through videos, coding, websites, social media, printed media, interventions in public spaces, characters enacted by actors, audience participation and careful analyses, in order to create edifying narratives, controversial provocations and to tackle social issues. The aim of the artist is to address the power of media beyond a single language and device, focusing on the major issue in this area: how specific arrangements of information can construct, describe and shape reality and hence influence society.
Moreover, Paolo investigates how alternative realities can be generated by hacking the Infosphere, through an injection of narrative information broadcasted by networked digital media. This proposition of new, alternative stories, in which people can engage, is thought to transform the mediated reality by infiltrating in it a new tactical fictional reality.

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