Text manifesto "Global Conscience".  2009.
[from The Big Plot]

Principles of the Global Conscience Revolution:

When the entire planet is collapsing with a devastating breakdown, there is something of more important than ideologies, religions, politics and economies. The Global Conscience is coming and nobody can escape from caring about the planet, because it is everyone's business. There is no choice.

There is no time anymore.
This is the end of Nations and their Borders, because now the planet is the business of every human.
This is the end of Fatalism of Religions, because scientific rationalism has demonstrated its superiority.
This is the end Defeatist of Nihilism, because now we cannot turn away from the struggle for life.
This is the end of Depiction of the Representation in politics and in arts, because now direct pragmatism and actions are needed.

This is the beginning of Global Conscience.
And the end of the Eurasia Revolution.

By a Global Conscience we do not mean a global ideology or a single unified political party beyond all existing political thoughts, and certainly not the domination of one culture over all others.

By a Global Conscience we mean a fundamental consensus to save the planet earth all humans together, beyond any nation, government, religion and ideology, only for the sake of our Globe. Without such a fundamental consensus on a common sense, sooner or later every community will be threatened by chaos or dictatorship, and individuals will despair. We are all intertwined together in this Globe and we are all dependent on each other. Each one of us depends on the welfare of all.

Let no one be deceived: There is no global peace without Global Conscience!
- We must constantly seek truth and incorruptible sincerity instead of spreading ideological or partisan halftruths.
- We must courageously serve the truth and we must remain constant and trustworthy, instead of yielding to opportunistic accommodation to life.
- We all have a responsibility for a better global order.
- Our involvement for the sake of human rights, freedom, justice, peace, and the preservation of Earth is absolutely necessary.
- Our different cultural traditions must not prevent our common involvement in opposing all forms of inhumanity and working for greater humaneness.
- We have a special responsibility for the welfare of all humanity and care for the planet Earth. We do not consider ourselves better than other women and men, but we trust that the ancient wisdom of our cultural revolutions can point the way for the future.

Against the Eurasian Nationalism.
No people, no state, no race, no culture has the right to hate, to discriminate against, much less to liquidate a "foreign" country which is different in behavior or holds different beliefs. We see leaders and members of political movement incite for aggression, fanaticism, hate, and xenophobia even inspire and legitimize violent and bloody conflicts. Every people, every race, every culture must show tolerance and respect indeed high appreciation for every other.
We are against representatives of political movement who dismiss other cultures as of little value and who preach fanaticism and intolerance instead of respect and understanding.

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