Text manifesto "Future Climate Change Fighters".  2010.
[from the project Drowning NYC]

Manifesto of Future Climate Change Fighters:

We have clear pragmatic points, not bullshits like turning off the bathroom lights or banning cars on Sunday. Painting everything green is not going to save the world. Politicians, firms and media try to feign responsibility - identifying themselves as environmentalists - to win over citizens. Meanwhile the real causes of global warming stem from a lack of regulations and general irresponsibility from big industries.

What F.C.C.F. wants in order to stop global warming right now:

- Free public transportation for anyone. We want more trains for free. We want infrastructures that diminish the number of flights and cars. This is possible and will cost less than adapting cities to the devastating effects of sea level rise.

- Use local goods instead of relying on wasteful shipments. We want goods produced close to consumers, we reject the dizzying transport of stuff around the world, which causes harmful CO2 emissions and damages the world economy.

- Decrease energy waste by the industry complex. Energy recycling and designing efficient electric devices can save much electricity, making enough renewable energy for the whole nation and eliminating the need for new coal and nuclear power plants.

- Eliminate plastic consumer products and establish more efficient recycling services. Many materials and recycled items can replace plastic consumer goods. This will have the effect of reducing oil usage and will obsolesce the harmful practice of burning garbage. We want to ban the production of useless plastic stuff in the US.

- We want to boycott and call for an embargo against all the countries that don't cut CO2 emissions. By regulating the market of demands, we can force nations like China and India to develop sustainable production standards.

- Judge those responsible for global warming as criminals against humanity. Impose substantial fines on oil corporations like Exxon, Shell, BP, as well automotive manufacturers and other harmful organizations, pressuring them to reinvest their money in clean public transportation infrastructures.

People of the world must have the power to regulate the short-term private interests of corporations and nations that aren't showing concern for the health of the whole planet. This not fictional, this is real shit!
October 2010.
Jason Gompers,
Future Climate Change Fighters promoter.
(just a kid from the Lower East Side Manhattan)

PS: F.C.C.F fights Michael Meyer as a symbolic enemy. He represents the growing camp of ‘climate change vultures' worldwide. These are a group of entrepreneurs who aim to adapt to, and capitalize on climate change rather than mitigate it. Locally, Meyer screws us in our daily lives, in our houses, and throughout our neighborhoods. We need to change this culture of putting profits over people and nature.

We need to move the collective imagination toward the right path.
We need to avoid disasters not adapt to them. It is not too late to stop global warming!

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