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Will Of The People On A Global Scale

Global Direct is a visionary political philosophy promoting global participatory democracy driven by information technology and the failure of current primitive political systems.

Global Direct researches in pursuit of a new advanced version of democracy, where everyone can take part in local and global governance, justice, and economy. Networked politics can enable decentralized and efficient systems, which continuously improve through collaborative efforts within an open and transparent process. For this new political civilization, Global Direct aims to inspire new protocols, procedures, and policies that can cope with the social complexity, crises and speed of contemporary life. Read more about the idea behing the project.

This emergent idea of global democracy is promoted through a campaign with a recognizable political symbol, slogans, and programs.

Everyone can suggest a slogan for Global Direct, enter it here:

The printed posters of the Global Direct campaign are being disseminated in several public spaces and the slogans across the social networks.

Global Direct is inspired by the multiple perspectives found through research on prevailing political systems, theories, and alternative ideas about advanced forms of democracy.
Video statements by visionaries close to the ideas of advanced participatory democracy Publications, organizations and articles that influenced the creation of the project Research into social sciences for comparing the political structures of several countries

Through combining multiple voices and ideas the project suggests new organograms for participatory networked governance.
Diagrams spurring creative political alternatives as structural utopian visions
Interconnected networks of conceptual maps of 15 diagrams together in one PDF Large prints of the diagrams for public display in cultural centers

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