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Post Brands
2004. Digital prints. 21x19cm each

This is a triptych of three street art pieces featured in a poster campaign that took place over several years in a number of European cities. The artworks were printed in black and white on wide format paper or stickers and pasted illegally on public spaces. The compositions focused on the idea of Post Brand, with abstracting logos that resembled the oppressive dictatorial signs of industries that dominate modern society. The establishment of brands via omnipresent logos marked the beginning of the rise of global multinationals. They eventually replaced the powers of political ideologies and religions from former centuries, which were also marked by a strong use of omnipresent iconographic symbols. Over the course of this project, the artist also created several other street art compositions and interventions.
» Website: Illegal Art Show network

Press material

- Pictures of street art public installations
- Pictures Culture Jamming interventions

- Poster, Illegal Art Show, London, 2005
- Posters, Illegal Art Show, Turin, 2004. (it)
- Text manifesto, Illegal Art Show, 2004. (it)

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