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2016 - Archival inkjet prints and mixed media.

This artwork is composed of over fifteen million mug-shots of people arrested in the U.S. It obfuscated the criminal records of mug-shot websites by cloning them and shuffling their data. A participatory feature lets people judge the individual arrested by deciding to keep or remove their data from the mug-shot websites. Obscurity explores information ethics and the emotional underpinning of unflattering reputation exposed on the Internet. Beyond reporting on mass incarceration, the social experiment and the performative hack, the project promotes a legal Right to Remove personal information from search engines in U.S. The Obscurity artwork deployed strategies that are oriented to problem-solving as a form of Internet social art practice.

Selected pictures of installations at the following shows
NOME Gallery; Big Brother Award, Amsterdam; Ars Electronica Center Museum, Linz.

Video playlist

Selected shows and presentations

Month of Photography, exhibition at Museum National d'Histoire et d'Art, 2017, Luxembourg
Out of Control, exhibition at Ars Electronica Center Museum, 2016, Linz - Austria
Big Brother Award, exhibition at Stadsschouwburg, 2016, Amsterdam - Netherlands
Private and Public, exhibition at NOME gallery at 515, 2016, Turin - Italy
Private, exhibition at NOME gallery at 208 Bowery, 2016, NYC - U.S.

Selected pictures of the first installation of Obscurity

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