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Paolo Cirio - Conceptual Artist
Internet Photography at the the C/O and at Museum of Photography in Berlin. Feb. 2017.
Evidentiary Realism at the Fridman Gallery in NYC, a curated group exhibition. Feb. 2017.
Recent Events and Exhibitions
- Lecture at Gallery 400 in Chicago for UIC with Aesthetics of Information Ethics from Sept 14th
- Grant from National Endowment for the Arts at ISCP in New York with Obscurity from Sept. 1st
- Exhibition at Bielefelder Kunstverein in Germany for FaceTunes with Obscurity from Agu. 25th
- Exhibition at the ARCHIP Architectural Institute in Prague with Loophole for All from July 23rd
- Lecture at Tate Modern in London for Art Futures with Social Algorithm Art from June 26th
- Lecture and Workshop at Baltan Labs in Netherlands with Social Algorithm Art from Apr. 28th
- Lecture at Storefront for Art and Architecture panel in New York with Obscurity from Apr. 23rd
- Lecture at NYU LAW in New York for The Art of Obfuscation panel with Obscurity from Apr. 8th
Highlighted Recent Press Coverage
Highlighted Exhibitions
Overexposed at the Exhibition at International Center of Photography Museum in NYC - U.S. for Public, Private, Secret. July 2016.
Loophole for All at the Exhibition at House of Electronic Arts in Basel - Switzerland for Poetics and Politics of Data. June 2015.
Hacking Monopolism Trilogy at the Exhibition at China Academy of Art, Hangzhou - China. December 2015.

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